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City Winery Atlanta tickets

City Winery is a beautiful venue in Atlanta. Our prices for City Winery events are the best for Gospel Brunch ,Demola and Quinn the Jukebox. We also provide City Winery seating chart parking, concerts schedule and map calendar in Atlanta, GA.

  1. Sun Apr.14.202412:00 pm
    Atlanta Gospel Brunch
  2. Sun Apr.14.202408:00 pm
  3. Mon Apr.15.202407:30 pm
    Quinn the Jukebox
  4. Wed Apr.17.202408:00 pm
  5. Thu Apr.18.202408:00 pm
    Miki Howard
  6. Fri Apr.19.202406:30 pm
    Miki Howard
  7. Fri Apr.19.202409:30 pm
    Miki Howard
  8. Sat Apr.20.202407:00 pm
    Alfred Robles
  9. Mon Apr.22.202408:00 pm
    Reality With The King
  10. Tue Apr.23.202408:00 pm
    Michelle Collins
  11. Wed Apr.24.202407:30 pm
    TS Madison
  12. Thu Apr.25.202407:30 pm
    We Hate Movies Podcast
  13. Fri Apr.26.202408:00 pm
    Al Franken
  14. Sat Apr.27.202411:00 am
    R&B Soul Brunch
  15. Sat Apr.27.202406:00 pm
    Al Franken
  16. Sat Apr.27.202409:00 pm
    Al Franken
  17. Sun Apr.28.202412:30 pm
    Bottoms Up! Drag Brunch
  18. Sun Apr.28.202407:30 pm
    Catherine Cohen
  19. Mon Apr.29.202407:30 pm
    The Carole King & James Taylor Story
  20. Tue Apr.30.202406:30 pm
    Chief Adjuah (Christian Scott)
  21. Wed May.01.202408:00 pm
    Hawthorne Heights
  22. Thu May.02.202408:00 pm
    Alan Doyle
  23. Fri May.03.202406:30 pm
    Kevin Ross
  24. Fri May.03.202409:30 pm
    Kevin Ross
  25. Sat May.04.202412:30 pm
    May the 4th be With You: Star Wars Drag Brunch
  26. Sat May.04.202407:00 pm
    Two Dykes and a Mic
  27. Sun May.05.202407:30 pm
    Dar Williams
  28. Tue May.07.202408:00 pm
    Nate Smith
  29. Wed May.08.202408:00 pm
    Taj Farrant
  30. Fri May.10.202408:00 pm
    George Willborn
  31. Sat May.11.202412:00 pm
    Mamma Mia Brunch
  32. Sat May.11.202408:00 pm
    Ken Ford
  33. Sun May.12.202411:00 am
    Mother's Day Jazz Brunch
  34. Sun May.12.202407:00 pm
    Ken Ford
  35. Tue May.14.202406:30 pm
    Jonathan Butler
  36. Tue May.14.202409:30 pm
    Jonathan Butler
  37. Thu May.16.202407:30 pm
    Beyond The Blinds Podcast
  38. Fri May.17.202408:00 pm
    Ler and Lionel - Podcast
  39. Sat May.18.202408:00 pm
    Avi Kaplan
  40. Sun May.19.202407:00 pm
    Southern Entertainment Awards
  41. Tue May.21.202407:30 pm
    Susan Carol
  42. Wed May.22.202407:30 pm
    TS Madison
  43. Thu May.23.202408:00 pm
    Sonja Morgan
  44. Fri May.24.202406:30 pm
    Peter Collins
  45. Fri May.24.202409:30 pm
    Peter Collins
  46. Sat May.25.202408:00 pm
    BJ The Chicago Kid
  47. Sun May.26.202408:00 pm
    BJ The Chicago Kid
  48. Mon May.27.202408:00 pm
    BJ The Chicago Kid
  49. Wed May.29.202408:00 pm
    Trey Daniels
  50. Thu May.30.202408:00 pm
    Zo! & Tall Black Guy
  51. Fri May.31.202407:00 pm
    Dulce Sloan
  52. Sat Jun.01.202408:00 pm
    Pastor Troy
  53. Sun Jun.02.202408:00 pm
    Pastor Troy
  54. Tue Jun.04.202406:30 pm
    Robert Glasper
  55. Tue Jun.04.202409:30 pm
    Robert Glasper
  56. Wed Jun.05.202406:30 pm
    Robert Glasper
  57. Wed Jun.05.202409:30 pm
    Robert Glasper
  58. Thu Jun.06.202406:30 pm
    Robert Glasper
  59. Thu Jun.06.202409:30 pm
    Robert Glasper
  60. Fri Jun.07.202406:30 pm
    Robert Glasper
  61. Fri Jun.07.202409:30 pm
    Robert Glasper
  62. Sat Jun.08.202401:00 pm
    Challenge Mania Live
  63. Thu Jun.13.202408:00 pm
    Ravi Coltrane
  64. Fri Jun.14.202407:00 pm
    Steve Earle
  65. Sun Jun.16.202407:30 pm
    Poetry vs. Hip Hop
  66. Tue Jun.18.202408:00 pm
    Quinn Sullivan
  67. Wed Jun.19.202407:30 pm
    TS Madison
  68. Thu Jun.20.202408:00 pm
    Mink Stole & Peaches Christ
  69. Fri Jun.21.202408:00 pm
    Brian Posehn
  70. Sat Jun.22.202406:30 pm
    ATL Collective Relives The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
  71. Sat Jun.22.202409:30 pm
    ATL Collective Relives The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
  72. Sun Jun.23.202408:00 pm
    Lori Williams
  73. Tue Jun.25.202408:00 pm
    Nevermind Live Podcast
  74. Wed Jun.26.202408:00 pm
    Matt Wertz & Andy Davis
  75. Sun Jun.30.202407:00 pm
    Keeyen Martin
  76. Mon Jul.01.202406:00 pm
    Melanie Fiona
  77. Mon Jul.01.202409:00 pm
    Melanie Fiona
  78. Wed Jul.03.202406:00 pm
    Melanie Fiona
  79. Wed Jul.03.202409:00 pm
    Melanie Fiona
  80. Fri Jul.05.202407:30 pm
    TS Madison
  81. Sat Jul.06.202412:00 pm
    Funk N Funny Brunch
  82. Sat Jul.06.202408:00 pm
    Born in the USA
  83. Sun Jul.07.202407:30 pm
    Adrian Crutchfield
  84. Wed Jul.10.202408:00 pm
    Cyrus DeShield
  85. Thu Jul.11.202408:00 pm
    My Cousin Tiera
  86. Fri Jul.12.202408:00 pm
  87. Sat Jul.13.202408:00 pm
    Moe Mitch
  88. Tue Jul.16.202406:30 pm
  89. Tue Jul.16.202409:30 pm
  90. Wed Jul.17.202406:30 pm
  91. Wed Jul.17.202409:30 pm
  92. Thu Jul.18.202406:30 pm
  93. Thu Jul.18.202409:30 pm
  94. Fri Jul.19.202407:00 pm
    Finesse Mitchell
  95. Sat Jul.20.202408:00 pm
    Spyro Gyra
  96. Sun Jul.21.202408:00 pm
    Banned From Utopia - Tribute to Frank Zappa
  97. Wed Jul.24.202408:00 pm
    AJ Ghent
  98. Thu Jul.25.202406:30 pm
    Kevin James Thornton
  99. Thu Jul.25.202409:30 pm
    Kevin James Thornton
  100. Fri Jul.26.202408:00 pm
    Over The Rhine
  101. Sat Jul.27.202406:30 pm
    Vivian Green
  102. Sat Jul.27.202410:00 pm
    Vivian Green
  103. Sun Jul.28.202406:30 pm
    Vivian Green
  104. Sun Jul.28.202410:00 pm
    Vivian Green
  105. Fri Aug.02.202407:00 pm
  106. Fri Aug.02.202410:00 pm
  107. Sat Aug.03.202407:00 pm
  108. Sat Aug.03.202410:00 pm
  109. Fri Aug.09.202406:30 pm
    Leah Rudick
  110. Fri Aug.09.202409:30 pm
    Leah Rudick
  111. Sat Aug.10.202407:30 pm
    Kevin McDonald
  112. Wed Aug.14.202407:30 pm
    TS Madison
  113. Fri Aug.16.202408:00 pm
  114. Sat Aug.17.202406:30 pm
    And Then We Had Sex Podcast
  115. Sat Aug.17.202409:30 pm
    And Then We Had Sex Podcast
  116. Thu Aug.29.202406:30 pm
    Bruce Bruce
  117. Thu Aug.29.202409:30 pm
    Bruce Bruce
  118. Fri Aug.30.202406:30 pm
    Bruce Bruce
  119. Fri Aug.30.202409:30 pm
    Bruce Bruce
  120. Sat Aug.31.202406:30 pm
    Bruce Bruce
  121. Sat Aug.31.202409:30 pm
    Bruce Bruce
  122. Fri Sep.06.202408:00 pm
    Who's Bad - Michael Jackson Tribute Band
  123. Thu Sep.12.202408:00 pm
    Dave Barnes
  124. Fri Nov.15.202408:00 pm
    Cristela Alonzo

City Winery Tickets & events - 2024 schedule in Atlanta

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